The Hillary Greyson Trilogy


Fifteen-year-old Hillary Greyson awakens from a horrific nightmare only to discover that she faces an even grimmer reality. She is completely naked on a bed in an unfamiliar, empty room, unable to move her limbs. Worse yet, she cannot remember who she is. Panic-stricken, Hillary desperately searches her mind for answers, but finds nothing more than fear and confusion.

A man enters the room—a stranger to Hillary. He introduces himself as Dr. Morrison. Seemingly benign, he informs Hillary that she is there for her own good…that she is under his care until she regains her memory. Hillary cannot remember anything, but her instincts warn her not to trust this man who claims to be her doctor. She can only hope that someone will come looking for her…that someone will find her before it is too late. 

Several weeks later, Hillary’s situation has grown even more dismal. Still unclothed, coarse ropes bind her limbs to the bed while she is fed intravenously. Two new strangers have entered her life—Monica, Dr. Morrison’s wife, and Dr. Bentley, who claims to be her psychiatrist. Yet they are more evasive than forthcoming. Her questions remain unanswered. She is trapped, with no hope of escaping…left to piece together the mystery of her miserable existence.

Abused and neglected, Hillary knows that with each passing day, her chance of survival diminishes. She spends her long days wasting away, growing depressed…growing angry. When all hope seems lost, a cruel twist of fate provides the opportunity she has been waiting for. 

With renewed hope and an unrelenting will to survive, Hillary does whatever it takes to escape. She yearns for her freedom more than anything in the world.

Hillary just wants to go home….

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The death of innocence gives birth to evil….

Thirteen year-old Hillary Greyson lived a charmed life until one ill-fated night changed everything. Hurt and betrayed by her own father, she finally confronts her mother for help, only to be turned away, criticized and blamed. 

With her innocence lost, Hillary has no one to turn to until she discovers a peculiar friend, an ally she learns to trust...learns to obey. 

Frustrated and angry, hurt and dejected, Hillary screams out for help, cries out for compassion.

Hillary just wants to be heard…. 

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After sustaining years of sexual abuse by the father she had once loved and trusted, Hillary Greyson finally confides in her mother, only to be called a liar. Just when all seems hopeless and Hillary has no one to turn to, she discovers an ally, a voice within her that promises to make everything all better.

Relying on her one and only friend--the voice of reason, Hillary puts an end to the sexual abuse and those she deemed blameworthy for her suffering. Fueled by rage, Hillary lashes out against everyone who hurt her until she is apprehended in the woods.

For months, Hillary is left alone in an empty room, tied naked to a bed in the home of a man claiming to be her doctor...a man who says that she is there for her own good. Hillary finds a way to escape and discovers that she has been delivered to the doctor by a military man, Lieutenant Alan Langford, for the sole purpose of being used as a test subject in an unauthorized and unethical biomedical research experiment. 

Hillary knows there’s just one thing left to do. With the voice of reason now silent, she has found her own voice, along with the strength and resolve to find this man—-this military lieutenant who prolonged her suffering—-and make him pay.

Hillary just wants revenge….

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Because bad things happen....

When Sophie and Amber leave their college campus and travel across the state in pursuit of love, they find lust instead. Or rather, the lustful, sadistic man they know only as Ben.

Abducted and held within Ben's dirty garage, things rapidly turn grim for Sophie and Amber who are repeatedly tortured, raped and abused in horrific ways--physically, mentally and emotionally. With an unquenchable thirst for savagery, Ben's brutality increases with each passing day, leaving the poor young women entirely at his mercy. Unfortunately for them, his ability to be merciful is about as limited as his supply of morals.

Will Sophie and Amber find a way to escape? Will they survive the depravity? Or will their lives end there in Ben's deplorable man cave?

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Elizabeth thought that she got rid of her unwanted baby.

She was wrong….


On a stormy Sunday afternoon, twenty-four-year-old Elizabeth Cotton has a bizarre encounter with a stranger dressed in black, which leads to an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy. In an act of desperation, Elizabeth aborts her unborn child, savagely expelling the fetus from her womb.

Years later, she is happily married to Martin Howe and in her second trimester of pregnancy. Plagued by horrific nightmares, Elizabeth has a dreadful feeling that something is terribly wrong.

When she gives birth, it is immediately clear that the baby is not a typical newborn. Elizabeth believes that she is being punished for her past—for deplorably terminating her unborn child’s life. But she isn’t the only one tormented by the aberrant infant.

Evil has been unleashed and mankind will face its ultimate challenge. 

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“It is a place of unrelenting misery and interminable pain and sorrow. It a place of lost hope, a dismal abyss where remorse is candy, and tears, nectar, to unforgiving 

monstrosities with endless appetites.” 

In life, Samuel Rylandt was a serial rapist and murderer who callously committed heinous acts with no regard whatsoever for the women he victimized. In death, however, he will suffer the consequences of his depravity as his soul undergoes a startling corporeal transformation and he is thrown to Hell (Omerion) to complete three horrific phases of moral reconstruction. 

Samuel’s notions of the underworld are broadened as he learns that “Hell” is actually an elaborate civilization where the damned agonizingly learn the virtues that evaded them in life. 

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Following the deaths of her husband and son, sixty-six-year-old Sylvie Gotlieb has lived a quiet, reclusive life in her secluded home. But she's about to have company....

Miscreants Jerry and Dennis know all about the solitary woman, mocked by locals as the "Crazy old lady." They are most interested in her vast fortune and believe that she would be an easy target. They observe her property for weeks, planning and plotting. But Dennis grows impatient and decides that they've waited long enough. With or without Jerry, he's going to rob the vulnerable, aging woman. She's just a crazy old lady, after all. What could possibly go wrong?

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Maritza Madison Kent is a character within the extreme horror novel, “Expulsion.” This story is based on her most unfortunate life. It is a stand-alone story for mature (18+) readers only, as it contains violence and sexual content. 


Pregnant and unmarried, seventeen-year-old Maritza Madison is disowned by her parents. Homeless, jobless and alone, she meets William Kent, her knight in shining armor.

Or is he?

What starts out as a happy marriage ends in betrayal, abuse and murder as Maritza struggles to escape her life of domestic violence and sexual servitude.

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Robert Kavanaugh hasn't always made the best decisions in his life. Consequently, he's living in a small apartment avoiding the stack of divorce papers awaiting his signature. When rushing out to work one morning, he walks into an old woman whose appearance repulses him. He has the opportunity to apologize but decides, instead, to unleash his anger and frustrations in a string of cruel, nasty words. Only this woman has some words of her own to impart--and Robert will come to truly regret his poor choices.

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Lou Reilly grew up in a strict, oppressive environment, raised by zealous religious parents who merely wanted to protect him from the sinners of the world. Sheltered to the point of isolation, Lou is unprepared to fend for himself when his parents pass away. Bullied and tormented at his new place of employment, Lou starts suspecting that his parents were right to shield him from such harsh and hateful people. Just as Lou begins to befriend a colleague who vows to help improve his life, he is put to the ultimate test of faith. All seems hopeless. But he won’t let the sinners win. He won’t burn in hell as his parents have warned. Lou will make things right….

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A tale of Christmas mayhem...

All Jilly Carson wanted to do was get a little Christmas shopping done with her best friend, Peyton. But when Peyton can’t meet her at the mall, Jilly finds herself feeling anxious and alone as her mother’s cautionary words echo in her head:

“Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t put yourself in that position again. You remember what happened last time....” 

When a tall, blonde-haired stranger begins to stalk her, Jilly does everything she can to avoid him. 

Feeling scared and vulnerable, she finally decides to leave the mall. But the blonde-haired man won’t let her flee quite so easily….

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Poor Paul McKenna. He just wants to enjoy the holidays. But with an obstinate teen-aged daughter, Heather, and an unreasonable wife who enables her, Paul is anything but jolly. Heather has her heart set on getting the latest cell phone for Christmas. The only problem is Paul can’t find one within the acceptable price range. He simply refuses to fall victim to holiday price-gouging. He has every intention of buying the phone weeks after Christmas when it’s half the price. Surely, Heather will understand…right?

In this tale of vengeance, a well-intentioned father will find that sometimes it’s better to appease an incorrigible teen daughter—no matter the cost—rather than incur her wrath.

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In this second book of the Merry Murder series, Maeve struggles to come to grips with the untimely loss of her husband, Paul. Meanwhile, their daughter, Heather, is struggling as well—not with her father’s death, but with his apparent resurrection. Is she losing her mind? Or has her father returned from the grave to exact his revenge?

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When her husband abandons them for another woman, Jane Winston is left to raise their teen-aged daughter as a single mother. She loves Emma more than anything in the world and would do anything for her—no matter how high the cost. Emma, on the other hand, hates her mother and goes out of her way to make her life miserable. What will it take to restore the loving relationship they once had and can it be mended before it’s too late?

This story will take you on a tearful journey as you explore a volatile mother-daughter relationship. Sometimes things aren’t better left unsaid…sometimes love doesn’t conquer all…and sometimes you don’t get a second chance at a happy ending….

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  1. Look at all these amazing books to add to my TBR. Marie talked me into purchasing "Mancave" which I received last week. I do believe I am going to need a strong suit of armor on before I settle in to read it..haha! I am very much looking forward to future reading!

    1. Thanks so much, Karla! I greatly appreciate your support and kindness. Yes, Man Cave will require a strong stomach, for sure! Have your suit ready beforehand! :-)