Thursday, November 2, 2023

BENJAMIN MERRIT - victim or villain?


Written by Jeremy T.

Is Ben a savage monster or merely misunderstood?

I just don't understand why people say this book is fucked up. This book explores a man who only seeks romantic pleasure. He is a misunderstood individual. He has a wife who has never sought to fulfill his personal needs, so he decided to seek out in hopes of keeping her happy. She never appreciated him for the meals he provided and his incredibly hard work. So he did what he needed to do. He is the true gentleman. 

The man found new love. He had two new suitors, and there was no competition. His heart was set. He found his true woman. It didn't work out too well for the competition. But love has a way, and rejection is a bitch.

He took care of her as he provided her good and proper meals and a lovely roof over her head. You'd think she'd be flattered since he never even let his wife into his palatial. But no. She never appreciated the love he offered. And sadly, he had to do what he felt was right. You can only take so much.

His father is a strong influence. He is always there to tell him what he needs to do. When he fucks up, he is there to berate. But when he leaves him proud, he is so happy to compliment him on the fine job he is doing. He truly works hard to earn his father's appreciation. 

But no one takes him serious. His job shits on him. His wife takes advantage of him. His mistress doesn't understand him. No one does. He needs to prove himself. All he wants is a decent meal with a beer or glass of wine to celebrate his triumphs. And a little bit of kink. Just a bit.

If anyone could fulfill his kinks, there'd be no wrong. He is a giving man. He's simply misunderstood. No one gets him. No one cares for his needs. No one loves him. Everyone is out for him, because they do not get the love he shows his ladies.

Ben is the ultimate lady killer. If you don't understand what you're missing with his offerings, it is your loss. He is a king.

This is a romantic book.

What do YOU think?!?