Craving an extreme horror book? I can recommend some that you are sure to enjoy! I will also recommend general horror books and non-horror fiction as well. Know of a great book that I’ve omitted? Let me know and I’ll try to add it to my list.

The Slob by Aron Beauregard 

Vera and Daniel are expecting their first child. To help supplement their income, Vera decides she can sell vacuum cleaners door-to-door. She’s very good at it, too. She plans to stop...after just one more house. Unfortunately, this particular house belongs to The Slob and things are about to get very, very ugly.

Beauregard puts the “gross” in “engrossing!” This may be the most disturbing book that I have ever read. What sets Beauregard apart from many other writers of extreme horror is his immense talent for creating well-developed, relatable characters within an actual horror story. I grew to care for Vera and Daniel. When you sympathize with and connect so well with the characters, the horrors become magnified and the tension grows palpable. This book is absolutely horrid—chock full of the worst atrocities. Yet, you will find yourself loving it nonetheless. It is truly unforgettable.

HIGHLY recommended!

...and then the story continues....

Son of the Slob by Aron Beauregard

As luck would have it, The Slob impregnated Vera and she decides to have the baby. As you can imagine, husband Daniel is not too thrilled by this new turn of events. Being the good guy that he is, he does his best to be a good father to the child. Only, this child is nowhere near typical. He is downright scary. Vera does her best to show him love and protection but is he really the one who needs protecting?

Once again, Beauregard’s captivating writing will make it hard for you to tear yourself away from this book. He will both horrify you and break your heart with this one.

Djinn  by Sam West

“...I can make you happy. I can make you beautiful. I can make you rich.
Whatever you want.”

Imagine getting the opportunity to have everything your heart desires? How much is it worth? Your soul? Your dignity? 

Pam Wilkins' life is pretty deplorable. She's neither attractive nor financially secure. Her boyfriend assaults her constantly--both physically and sexually. She hates her job, cleaning up other people's crap--literally. Naturally, when a djinn appears before her one day and offers six wishes, she jumps at the chance to transform her life. All she has to do is perform a number of tasks. These tasks are tough, though. But so is Pam. She's willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. She's not about to let anything stand in her way. And her life is about to change in ways she can't begin to imagine.

Sam West is an incredibly talented author who does not shy away from gore and depravity. She has written some of the most repulsive scenes I’ve read—material that will have you fully disgusted and on the verge of gagging. This book is so sick and twisted and there’s a great twist at the end, too. You won’t see it coming!

HIGHLY recommended!

...and yes, all great stories continue....

Djinn II - The Reckoning by Sam West

They say that sequels are never as good as the first book/movie. Not in this case! Somehow West manages to create a story that’s even more vile and revolting. This time around, the Djinn is found by a new poor victim who is put through a series of deplorable “tasks” to earn her wish. The ending came as a surprise and was greatly satisfying. West is a brilliant storyteller, one who is not afraid to exceed those bounds of decency.

HIGHLY recommended!

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